What level am I?

Proficiency level

At the beginning of our lessons, I will assess your current level.


A1 – Beginner:

You can understand basic phrases (‘Hi, how are you’) and can have a basic conversation if your partner is speaking slowly. You wish to improve on all aspects of English.

A2 – Elementary:

You can have ‘routine’ conversations easily and can speak about things in the present. You wish to expand your grammatical structures and vocabulary through reading writing speaking and listening.

B1 – Intermediate:

You can speak about everyday events easily, and you have enough English to communicate on a basic term as a tourist in an English speaking country. You can understand a fair amount of English but speaking is still a difficulty, you may wish to speak with more spontaneity and improve your grammar and vocabulary.

B2 – Independent:

You can understand more complex speech and writing, and you are able to speak with spontaneity with an English speaker. You lack some understanding of colloquialisms and you may struggle understanding fluent pronunciation. You may wish to improve complex grammar understanding and to speak with more fluency.

C1 – Advanced:

You can understand long and complex speech and text, and can respond fluently without hesitation. You are able to understand speech in both social and academic situations. You may confuse some exceptions in grammar and you may wish to improve your fluency in speaking.

C2 – Proficient:

You can understand the majority of speech and text, and can grasp context from just a small amount of exposure. You can express yourself eloquently and with no hesitation. You may wish to have a mother-tongue English speaker proof read academic documents.