Would you like to learn English? Excellent! My name is Lucy, a native English speaker from Oxford, United Kingdom. I currently live in Brugge and offer individual, as well as group lessons (up to 6 people) in Brugge.

I hold a CELTA qualification, with experience of adult learners from beginners to advanced levels, along with experience teaching a wide range of nationalities, including Italian, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and German.

I have had experience in environments ranging from corporate businesses to primary schools, and so can adapt to your needs. I am also able to proof read documents and help in the preparation of professional CVs.

I offer a patient, calm, yet challenging approach to teaching, where lessons are student-centred. What does this mean? It means that in my lessons YOU will be the focus, with your level, aims*, and interests guiding each lesson progression.

*Examples of aims in learning English:

  • Work/business
  • General conversation
  • Pronunciation focus
  • Grammar focus
  • Writing focus
  • Reading focus
  • Speaking focus
  • Exam (IELTS, TOEFL) preparation


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